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There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Buying Trips!

I spent most of July on a buying trip! It was truly a fabulous one!! I opted for the back roads, local open air markets, and the tried and true connections I’ve made over the past 18 and a half years, instead of the big splashy markets. I’m very happy with the results and to be able to bring you wonderfully unique pieces, both big and small, that are sure to start a conversation or just make your heart smile!

The open air markets are so lively and so much fun! Sure, they’re filled with treasures but they also have festival-like atmospheres, each having its own personality! 

 My college roommate when we lived in the ZTA house, Ruth, has lived in Wales for about 4 years for her husband’s job. We’ve been saying we were going to get together on one of my trips, and we finally did!! Lots of laughter, great finds, huge Belgian cows, and more memories made together!


My daughter Carly came for the last few days of my buying trip for the first time! She said she really enjoyed seeing everything from the behind-the-scenes perspective. She especially enjoyed all the great big, adventurous fun we had on our few days off!

Now Carly opens a new chapter in her life, moving from Baton Rouge to Houston to begin her beauty career as a hairdresser!


A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Lots of Majolica is coming!!! I especially loved a late 19th century Majolica with ferns, poppies, and a Greek key border!

German hand hewn wood on this gorgeous vasselier! Wait until you see the rest of it!

Mid century Italian pooch that is coming to Southeast Texas.. what do you think we should name her?

An antique 19th century French wall fountain

A Baron is now collecting oyster plates year round to come back to Texas!!

A ram teapot from Ukraine, circa the mid 19th century

Early 19th century French walnut writing desk