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We are thrilled to be celebrating Burns Antik Haus’ 20th birthday this October! And what better way to celebrate than to get to know our owner and founder Julie through a Q&A!

Q: What inspired you to start Burns Antik Haus, and what keeps you passionate about it today?

A: I was lucky to have lived in Germany and loved antiquing at the outdoor markets so much that I ended up making friends with a market dealer who invited me to see some wholesale warehouses. After that experience, I knew my dream was to get started in this business when I came back to Texas. About 6 months later, I moved back to my hometown of Beaumont and Burns Antik Haus was born.

Today, the customers are what are most inspiring! I also love learning something new everyday about the history or providence of an antique or piece of pottery. 

Q: As you reflect on the journey so far, what are some cherished memories from your time running the antique shop?

A: Just a few months ago, a customer brought in her daughter who bought her first Burns antique. Now not only the girl’s mother, but her grandmother and great-grandmother have been BAH customers. I’ve served four generations in one family! That is very amazing to me. I will always cherish that!

Another favorite antique dealer moment…. I got a last minute call from a customer with a large dinner party that night, and they needed another set of dining chairs. I knew their style, so I brought a set of six chairs to her just before the party started!

Since BAH has grown to have spots in both the Houston Heights and Round Top, I’ve had the wonderful privilege to get to know quite a few other dealers, and I truly love the community and interesting people this world has introduced me to! 

Q: Could you share a few standout antique pieces that have made a significant impact on your customers or your own appreciation for antiques?

A: Personally, I have allowed myself to guilt-free keep at least one treasure out of each container we ship back from the buying trips. I love that I can look at these pieces and remember each trip. From this most recent trip, I kept the dancing girl statue that was on our postcard!

On the same note, it is great fun to get to go to someone’s house and see how they have put their favorite pieces together….

So, the significant thing for me is that I have come to realize that I actually help to bring joy to people in their homes. That’s the real treasure…

Q: How do you go about sourcing and curating the unique collection of antiques that defines Burns Antik Haus?

A: We go to Europe on buying trips to see our tried and true antique dealers I’ve known for over 20 years. The last trip we saw over 26 dealers. I also go to open air markets and look for new dealers.

Q: In what ways do you envision continuing to provide a personalized and memorable experience for visitors and collectors in the future?

A: This is in the beginning, I thought I would look real warehousy which reminded me of the European experience. But now I have created these little vignettes in the store; small setting with different pieces of furniture and artwork.

Over the years, we have established a presence in Round Top and the Heights in Houston.

Q: Are there any specific anniversary promotions, discounts, or events that customers can look forward to?

A: Yes! We are going to celebrate our 20th Anniversary for the next 15 months! Our actual anniversary is this October and we started off with a Sneak Peak event with a new container arrival. We will have special events all year.

Q: Could you share some insights into the values and principles that guide your antique business and interactions with clients?

A: I have always believed and one of my very early business philosophies is to provide the very best quality and the very best prices The environment that I want is to look at things and remember. Remember the day and time, the sights and smells, who you were with and what was the occasion. To create the memory. (Julie’s customers often bring in photos which will spark a memory of a particular piece or style.)

Q: Can you describe the significance of the Burns Antik Haus anniversary milestone and what it means to you personally?

A: I can’t believe it! It is because of community support. I was touched with people coming to say congratulations. People that come by just to say congratulations. I am grateful and amazed.

Q: How can customers and antique enthusiasts participate in the anniversary festivities and stay updated on the latest news from Burns Antik Haus?

A: We are on Facebook and Instagram or come by and we can keep you up to date. 

Q: Do you have any exclusive insights or anecdotes about rare antiques that would fascinate your audience and followers?

A: It is dependent on each person and their own experience.

Q: Is there a special message you’d like to convey to your loyal customers and the broader community as you celebrate this anniversary?

A: THANK YOU! You are the ones that allowed me to be here 20 years. Thank you for making my dreams come true!!


Stay tuned for more information on what the Burns Antik Anniversary will bring for its celebration!